Steve Tan specializes in TAILOR-made wedding photography. Weddings are important events and bring unique memories, hence his specialization.

Steve has been photographing weddings professionally since 1999. His PERSISTENT attitude and CREATIVE style are at the forefront of his business.

To Steve, "Wedding Photography is more than just pretty pictures, it's an event." And when he say event, he don't mean it lightly. HIS BEST IMAGES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THOSE WHEN HIS CLIENTS TRUST HIM TOTALLY TO CONCEPTUALIZE AND EXECUTE HIS SHOTS.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

~ The Art Of Grace~ 2014

The Art Of Grace Photography Workshop 2014. @ The Haven Ipoh

 Thanks all partner to support the photography workshop- The Haven Lakeside Residences. Shriro Imaging Malaysia . The Gown Shop


  1. This is very interesting blog post!! I loved everything about your wedding event. I must say that your event planner is quite innovative and knows how to impress the guests. For my wedding I had booked rental halls in Philadelphia with the help of my local event planners and he is a very talented man.

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